Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Formed: 1996
Country: Singapore
Status: Active
Official Website:

Raspatul is a Death/Thrash metal band, they're not as "big" as i think they should they hail from Singapore where the market for metal music is tiny....

Raspatul's music is a groovy blend of Death and thrash metal kinda reminds me of british death metal band Carcass....but with their own unique sound..

Unfortunately, Ayim (Vocalist) passed away after a fatal motorcycle accident on 13th July 2005. He was only 23 yrs old...

Calvin Chiang (Guitarist) is also a member of Obliterhate...

Obliterhate's Line-up:
Calvin Chiang (Raspatul) - Guitars
Dan Swano (Nightingale, ex-Edge Of Sanity, ex-Bloodbath) - Vocals
Erik Sayenga (Warthrone, ex-Dying Fetus) - Drums
Derrick Ramirez (Dragonlord, ex-Testament) - Bass
Mirai Kawashima (Sigh, Necrophagia) - Keyboards
James Murphy (Disincarnate, ex-Death, ex-Testament) - Guest guitar solo

cool huh!

Here's one of the rare videos of Raspatul performin' live!

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