Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Formed: 1990
Country: Norway
Label: Laser's Edge/Sensory
Status: Disbanded
Official Website: Their official Website has been taken down...

ARK is a progressive metal band from Norway, unfortunately they disbanded in 2003.
They have only released 2 albums "ARK"(1999) & "Burn the Sun"(2001).

ARK is one of the most unique prog-metal band i've come across, they experiment and fuse all of their broad influences together. Their debut album displayed a dynamic sound that blended intricate rhythmical patterns with a vast melodic structure.

For "Burn the Sun", they incorporated eastern rhythms and chants, Latin sections and odd phrasings to more modern influences. Jorn Lande’s vocals are awesome in each song, he remains one of my favorite vocalists.

Here's "Heal the Waters" from "Burn the Sun"

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