Saturday, November 28, 2009

[#3] Jamming @ Chapter6 Studios!



Went jamming at Chapter6 studio on Hari Raya, this is my 2nd time jamming @ Chapter6.

We booked the other studio this time (lower floor), this studio looks bigger compared to the last one (higher floor, with recording equipment)

There’s 3 sofa sets in there…yeah..3!


This studio has a couple of Vox Valvetronic AD100VT-XL guitar amps, they sound pretty decent.


Craftsman guitars (w/ humbuckers in the bridge), Hartke 112 Hydrive 250 watts bass amp.


Craftsman bass (i think…)


Vocal equipment


Pearl Drumset (i think..)   

All in all, it was a more comfortable experience compared to the previous one…partly because our band has shrunk in numbers

The acoustics of the studio sounded pretty good

This studio could rival Odiocrib..

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