Wednesday, November 11, 2009

{COVER SONGS} Black Night (Deep Purple) By Deicide

American death metal band, Deicide, covered Deep Purple's "Black Night" in their 2006 album "The Stench of Redemption"

[Deicide Drummer Steve Asheim interviewed by PSL, Antenna Magazine]

How did the Deep Purple cover "Black Night" come about?

It came about because Glen had been toying around with the idea for three years about doing a cover song, but no one was into it. The Hoffmanns weren't into it, I wasn't really into it either, but when Ralph and Jack came into the picture, he mentioned it to them, and they were both into it. I at the point said: 'well, since I'm the only one who's not into it I'll just go along and do it because these guys want to'. So the song itself Glen picked it and kind of worked it the original way and for me that just wouldn't work out. The slowness of it - what kind of drove me into playing extreme drums in the first place was not having to play slow stuff like that, but the idea of still doing a cover was cool. We played around with it a bit and what we did was that we turned it into a Deicide song. We turned it into a death metal song and changed up a few things, the speed and the time signature and just went nuts with it and to kind of further that story we have not had permission to put it out in Europe because word came down directly from Deep Purple's management who heard the song and said it's just too far out, and we don't want you to put it out, but in the US they somehow found a way around that so it will make it out somehow. People will end up hearing it in Europe somehow eventually.

Full interview here:

& here's Deicide's brutal cover of "Black Night":

Here's Deep Purple's Original version:

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