Wednesday, November 11, 2009

{COVER SONGS} Skin O' My Teeth (Megadeth) By Kalmah

Finnish melodic death metal band, Kalmah covered Megadeth's "Skin 'O My Teeth" in their 2002 album "They Will Return"

[Kalmah Lead guitarist, Antti Kokko's interview with Vampire Magazine]

On your album you play Megadeth's "Skin O' My Teeth" and I read somewhere that Kalmah would like to tour with Megadeth as well. How come Megadeth plays such a big role in Kalmah (or so it seems) and does all the bandmembers think the same about this?

Megadeth is one of the reasons why I and Pekka both bought guitars in the first place. They have always given something different to metal audience and we really like their albums. Other guys like their music as well but because I and Pekka write most of the songs it`s Megadeth that plays the big role. Anyway our music is very different from Megadeth's.

Why did you choose "Skin O' My Teeth" to cover?

This song has very much potential and speed and it is fun to play.

Full interview here:

Here's Kalmah's cover "Skin O' My Teeth":

& Here's the Megadeth's Original version LIVE in London (with Marty Friedman!)

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