Sunday, August 24, 2008

Famous PedalBoards -> Guthrie Govan

Guthrie Govan is one of the most unique guitarists out there...the stuff he does with the guitar is just amazing!

Here's he's pedalboard:

Moogerfogger Ring Modulator
Digitech Whammy
Guyatone WR3 Auto-Wah
T-Rex Mudhoney Distortion/Fuzz
T-Rex Replica digital delay
Barber Direct Drive SS
Dunlop Crybaby 535 wah
Morley volume pedal
Hermida Zendrive
Menatone JAC Compressor
AnalogMan Clone Chorus
Prosound Xotic RC Booster
Silver Machine SM-2 Revolution Wah
RMC Picture Wah
AnalogMan Sun Face NKT-275 fuzz
Sweet Sound MojoVibe
AnalogMan TS-9 Silver Mod Tube Screamer

[some pedals may not be in the pictures..]

1 comment:

Hagai Izenberg said...

this is a great setup!
we have the Moogerfogger Ring Modulator as well among other moogerfoogers, they are absolutely great! Rendezvous