Tuesday, June 17, 2008

[#2] Jamming @ OdioCrib

Decided to try out Odiocrib studios located in Waterloo Center opposite the NAFA campus on Sunday....booked the largest room Studio1

Waterloo Center looked rather ulu & somewhat abandoned....as most of the shops there were not open.....

We were very pleased with the studio, it is of reasonable size.....unlike other places where their largest room is equivalent to maybe 3 toilet cubicles....seriously not very "large"

Plus they've got really nice stuff inside, a couple of Marshall half-stacks AVT series if i remember correctly....Marshall Bass Amp......not sure 'bout the vocals monitors & stuff but my vocalist likes 'em, so i guess they're decent..

Closer look at the half-stack & Vocal pre-amp/mixer..?

& here's the Marshall i was playin' through, one thing 'bout Odiocrib, they do not leave the guitars/bass & cables in the studio, so you'll need to request for them.....that also means that they take care of their equipment....

Pictured above is my Les Paul & a Fender Tele (the house guitar, its very new.. strings still fresh! also saw a Fender Strat there but took the Tele cuz i've never tried a Tele before...)

Anyway my 1st experience playin' a Tele isn't good, i particularly did not like the bridge....the screw was sticking out & made it extremely uncomfortable when palm-muting, & it was also neck diving alot...didn't know Teles neck-dive, i thought it was only SGs & Vs

Here's the TAMA Drumset, well......still can't compare to VelvetJoint's set but its good enough....One thing 'bout this Studio, there are 2 monitors, one of 'em is just beside the Drums, so the Drummer can hear what's goin with the rest...very nice touch!

My Bassist having a go at the Drums during smoke-break...
Odiocrib Studio1 is great! one of the better studios in SG, we've decided to jam there till VelvetJoint's back in business....

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