Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kahler vs. Floyd Rose Comparison {For the Guitar Nuts!}

Youtube user dmometalguitar recorded some videos camparing the 2 bridges....


According to the video:

Both systems are comparable for dive bombs, no major problems - {ME: Agreed}


According to the video:

Kahlers consistently go out of tune with big bends, no such problem with Floyds - {ME: Agreed}

Floyds sustain longer than Kahlers - {ME: I'm not so sure 'bout this depends on the overall construction of the guitar, not just a matter of more or less wood}

Kahlers are alot easier to setup & adjust to your personal preferences - {ME: Agree fully, its amazing how customisable the Kahler is}


According to the video:

Kahlers have smoother feel compared to Floyds - {ME: Yes, definately! this is the best feature of the Kahler as far as i'm concerned..}

Floyd's locking nuts are stronger - {ME: Agreed}

Floyds' flutter better - {ME: Yes, because the Kahler is smoother so it flutters less..}

Floyd broken strings can be reused fairly easy {ME: Yup}

Kahler can be blocked easily {ME: Yes, but why installed a Kahler in the 1st place..?}

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