Saturday, June 21, 2008

Anugerah Band 2008 Episode #7 [Wildcard Round]

Episode #07:

1. Putra - Sementara
2. Knightwings - Nyalakan
3. X-Tech - Yakin
4. Viruz Cinta - Sayang Sayang

I personally consider this to be the finals, as i like the bands in the wildcard round more than the ones already in the semi-finals ;P

4 great bands here, unfortunately only 2 can go through to the semi-finals, Putra & X-Tech.

All of 'em put up solid performances, X-Tech should definately go through(i don't even think they should be in the wildcard round in the 1st place..) for the other spot, its really a toss-up between Knightwings, Putra & Viruz Cinta...all have their own strengths..

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