Sunday, June 22, 2008

Effect Pedals - 2 - Zoom GFX-8

My 2nd pedal was a multi-effects pedal, Zoom GFX-8.

It basically has all(or almost all) the effects you'll need in one pedal, multi-effects are handy cause you are able to store many presets of different combinations of effects together, and recall 'em easily by selecting from one of the many patch banks.

BUT a drawback of these multi-effects is that a lot of 'em sound "digital", especially the distortion effects, modulations are usually acceptable....but some distortions are just plain horrid!

I believe the only good use for the distortions is for Industrial music.

The Zoom GFX-8 is no different, i sold it.. 'cause i hated the distortions...

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