Friday, June 13, 2008

Effect Pedals - 1 - Marshall Jackhammer

Since i've covered Guitars & Amps, guess i should cover the pedals too...

My 1st ever pedal was the Marshall Jackhammer distortion pedal, at that point in time i was learning to play with my Squire Pak...but there wasn't enough gain & wasn't "heavy" sounding enough.. (since my strat didn't have humbuckers & the amp distortion was crap..)

So i decideded to invest in a distortion pedal, i didn't know much about pedals at that time...what motivated me to get the Jackhammer was largely the name & looks (well.. it has the Marshall name on it & its called the Jackhammer, sounded heavy enough for me)

I guess the trick to using this pedal is learning how to use the "contour" knob, i had a hard time getting the sound i wanted as i just didn't know how the "contour" knob worked....& if i recall correctly it always sounds too "middy" to me (i do not like the boosted "mids" sound..if that makes any sense..)

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