Saturday, June 28, 2008

Anugerah Band 2008 Episode #8

Episode #08:

1. Cucu Datok Merah - Kembali Berdansa
2. Rancour - Ceritera Awan Dan Banjaran
3. Trabo - Sang Penghibur
4. Putra - Permintaan Hati
5. Fatskunks - Manusia
6. X-Tech - Bila Dengan Kamu

There's quite a number of Cucu Datok Merah haters judging from the comments on their Youtube videos, but to give 'em credit i feel they're one of the more creative bands left in the competition...they're more willing to try different styles of music as compared to the rest.

Rancour stuck to what they've been doin' since the start of the competition, and what they've been doin' really isn't too impressive.

Trabo delivered a solid performance again, the guitarist employed more electronic sounding effects this time.. using the arpeggiator(?) (kinda reminds me of muse) The only thing i don't like 'bout this band is.......... the vocalist's hair, i think he's hair doesn't go with the face :P

There's many rumours sayin' that Putra only got through to the semis 'cause they know the judges personally, i feel they got through 'cause they've been improving since their 1st performance...the vocalist sings alot more in tune now..

Fatskunks produced another enjoyable performance, but the backup vocals from the guy playin' congas was off...

If you've been reading my previous posts, you'll know that X-Tech is my favorite band in the competition, and they didn't disappoint...another powerful performance!!

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