Friday, October 29, 2010

Playlist: 28th October 2010


Angra – Aqua [2010]


 Genre: Progressive Power Metal

Country: Brazil

 “Aqua” is Angra’s 7th album, my favorite song after a couple listens is the 3rd track “Awake from Darkness

Former drummer Ricardo Confessori (Shaman)returns to Angra following the departure of Aquiles Priester


Helios – Ayres (Instrumental) [2010]

Helios - Ayres (2010)

 Genre: Ambient, Post-Rock

 Country: USA

This is a remastered instrumental version of Keith Kenniff’s 3rd album "Ayres".

I love the tracks “In Heaven” & “Signed I Wish You Well

Beautiful album art.




Tak Matsumoto & Larry Carlton – Take Your Pick [2010]


 Genre: Jazz Guitar

 Country: Japan/USA

Tak Matsumoto + Larry Carlton, need I say more? =)





Lordi – Babez For Breakfast [2010]


 Genre: Hard Rock

 Country: Finland

 Lordi’s 5th album, quite a disappointing album..

Title track “Babez For Breakfast” sounds quite dumb, “I’m Bigger Than You” sounds almost like a pop song.

The only song I really like off this ablum is “Loud & Loaded


Marc Ribot - Silent Movies [2010]


 Genre: Experimental, Free Jazz

 Country: USA

“the strange area between language and spatiality that exists partly in between music and visual image, and partly as a common property of both.” – Marc Ribot

Marc Ribot, one of my Guitar Heroes!

Amazing album!

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