Friday, October 8, 2010

Me & My Guitar – Rosli Mansor



 r4 r3



Live at the Esplanade Concourse, a series showcasing the best of Singapore’s Guitarists.

This is my first time seeing Rosli Mansor playing live, really like the riff in “Rescuing Rukia” has a very “loungy” catch.


For those who missed it…DOWNLOAD 

File name: Rosli Mansor - Carpenter's Medley [Live at Esplanade (7th Oct 2010)].mp3
File size:7.84 MB

File name: Rosli Mansor - Beatles Medley [Live Esplanade].mp3
File size:9.31 MB

File name: Rosli Mansor - I'm Gonna Find Another You [John Mayer Cover Live Esplanade].mp3
File size:6.15 MB

File name: Rosli Mansor - Rock Medley [Live Esplanade].mp3
File size:5.26 MB

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