Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Effect Pedals - #33 – AMT DistStation DT-2





This is my first pedal purchase after 2-years of “gear celibacy”.

It is a forced purchase, as my Sansamp GT-2’s been giving me problems….guess it’s about time I retired my GT2 after 6-years of usage.

I seriously thought about buying another GT2, as I couldn’t find another pedal that could provide the same versatility until I stumble upon the AMT’s so called clone of the GT2.

The controls on the DT2 are labeled exactly the same as the GT2, the only difference is the slanted switches.

Construction of the DT2 feels cheaper compared to the GT2 although it’s price is only a little bit lower, I especially dislike the battery compartment, which is the screw-on type.

More than one person has told me that the AMT sounds more natural compared to the Sansamp and I must admit after trying them out side-by-side, the AMT has a smoother lead tone & a more polite rhythm tone, but I have a feeling the GT2 will cut through better when playing with a full band.


Overall, I feel both are great gain pedals with incredible versatility, only a slight difference in tone separates them. The AMT smoother & the Sansamp more in-your-face sounding.


Kateřina Gregorová said...

Hi, I wonder what's the difference between this DT-2, this one and this one . It's just the colors or something else?

Thank you for reply. :)

Mark~L said...


I think they are the same. :)