Wednesday, December 22, 2010

‘Tis the season to be falling…falalalala lalalala


Blacked-out for the 2nd time in my Life today,

I tripped and fell in a car-park near KTP hospital,

There was the usual pain from the fall, but I also felt a sudden dizziness although I did not hit my head.

I stood up, walked over to a flight of stairs and sat down to examine my injuries, it was pretty superficial scratches & cuts on the tib-fib.

Noticed I was sweating profusely & had the first onset of dizziness, after it cleared I tried to walk over to the main road to flag down a cab to return home, after taking a few steps I felt dizzy again and this time I couldn’t see clearly…blanked-out and collapsed.

Managed to get off the ground on my own after my vision returned, staggered over to the nearby bench and sat down was afraid I’d collapse again so this time I sat there for a longer period of time before walking over to KTP hospital to buy some bandages and head home.

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