Wednesday, November 17, 2010

[#6] Jamming @ Anaki Records!


The search for the BEST jamming studio in Singapore continues….

Jammed at Anaki Studio 2 today, located at 58B Temple Street, a short distance from Chinatown MRT.

The thing that caught our attention is the well-tuned Tama drumset in the studio, having been to many studios with crappy drumsets, my drummer was very pleased with this one, he is not easily pleased when it comes to drumsets.


Pictured above: House guitars & Peavey guitar amp (Bandit 112 iirc)


Pictured above: Peavey guitar amp (Envoy 110 iirc)


  Pictured above: Keyboard & Monitors


Pictured above: TAMA Drumset


More information can be found on Anaki Records site:

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