Wednesday, March 18, 2009

[#3] Jamming @ Chapter6 Studios


Went jamming at Chapter6 Studios, 141 Jalan Besar, the other day…booked Midas Studio at the Attic.

First impressions…it was very clean (maybe cuz they’re new), staff/owners seem like genuine friendly people…

The room was of decent size, but could be bigger..we’re a 5-piece band it was abit cramp for us.


Guitar Amps: Vox Valvetronic AD100VT-XL, Marshall AVT Tribute 100
Bass Amp: Hartke 112 Hydrive 250 watts
Drum Set: TAMA Superstar 5pc Drum Set (iirc can request for iron cobra double pedal)

again decent stuff…..but i’ve gotten used to the half-stacks available @ other studios, which are charging the same prices for their rooms.


sorry for the lack of pictures, forgot to take :P


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