Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Effect Pedals - #15 - Ibanez TS9DX

My 15th pedal, is the Ibanez Turbo Tubescreamer TS9DX.

I guess every guitarist will own a variant of the famous Ibanez Tubescreamer some time or another, i'm no exception.

Besides the Boss DS1 & MT2, this is probably the most talked about pedal...(sidenote: believe it or not i have never owned or played a Boss DS1 pedal...yes never! amazing isn't it?)

Ok back to the TS9DX, to be honest i only use the classic TS9 mode on this pedal, i feel the Turbo mode boosts the mids too much..the classic TS9 mode gives a very nice tubey tone that this pedal is known for.

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