Saturday, February 11, 2012

Famous PedalBoards -> Larry LaLonde [Primus]

larry lalonde


Larry LaLonde’s Rig 2012

Left to Right:

Maxon PH-350 Rotary Phaser

Strymon Ola Chorus & Vibrato

MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay

Fulltone Ultimate Octave

Dunlop UniVibe UV1

Dunlop MC404 CAE Wah

[Top: MXR MC403 CAE Power System]


Left to Right:

Empress Tremolo

MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay

TC Electronics Nova Delay

Musitronics Mu-Tron III+ Envelope Filter

EBS OctaBass Octave Divider


Electro Harmonix Ring Thing Ring Modulator

Radial Bones Twin-City ABY Amp Switcher [not pictured]



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