Sunday, January 16, 2011

Effect Pedals #34 -Yamaha Magicstomp


First Impressions:

Modulations sound quite analog & “organic”, has some wacked-out effect patches like one that sounds like a cat, and some others that are great for ambient music.

Distortions are decent at best, but I didn’t get this for the gain sounds.

Software is easy to use, but here’s the downer: the software only works with WinXP, I tried it with Win7 it doesn’t run (although the magicstomp website indicated Win7/Vista/XP!)

Overall, a quality multi-effects pedal, I tried the Line6 M9 before buying this, the M9 sounded too digital to me (plus, I still have reservations about buying Line6 products after my KB37 broke down for no reason!)


Size comparison with my main gain box: AMT DistStation

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