Thursday, March 25, 2010


IT HAS been a few years since the world was introduced to Rosli Mansor via his debut album Dragged. And it's been worth the wait. The songs on this album snap, pop and crackle with an energy that we haven't quite heard in many local recordings. Songs like Last Man Standing feature Rosli's searing licks, but it's not all just all about cranking up the volume. On ballads like Venice - The Love Story and Sorry I Am Late, a song that remembers his late father, moody melody lines slide along with a subtle ease not heard since Larry Carlton. And on What The Moon Said, Rosli's use of the E-Bows impeccable. Deeper Than Purple is an album that shows why Rosli is probably one of Singapore's top guitarists. A must-get for all guitar music fans. 4.5/5


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