Wednesday, January 20, 2010

{New Album Release}


Sigh - Scenes From Hell

Sigh releases their 8th album, “Scenes From Hell”


"Prelude to the Oracle" - 4:10
"L’art de Mourir" - 4:55
"The Soul Grave" - 3:59
"The Red Funeral" - 6:54
"The Summer Funeral" - 7:06
"Musica in Tempora Belli" - 5:59
"Vanitas" - 6:24
"Scenes from Hell" - 3:35


Gamma Ray - To The Metal

Gamma Ray releases their 10th album, “To The Metal”, recorded in Kai’s studio in Hamburg.


Rise (Zimmermann)
Deadlands (Hansen)
Mother Angel
No Need To Cry (Schlächter)
To The Metal (Hansen)
All You Need to Know
Time To Live
Shine Forever
Breaking Away

Bonus-Tracks on different versions:
Chasing Shadows (Richter)
One Life


Jørn Lande – Spirit Black

Jørn Lande releases his 6th album, “Spirit Black”,

1st video above is a cover of Tarja Turunen’s “I Walk Alone” (from Nightwish),

2nd video is Tarja Turunen’s original version from 2007.


"Spirit Black"  – 4:41
"Below"  – 4:35
"Road of the Cross" – 5:28
"The Last Revolution" – 3:40
"City Inbetween" (Vagabond re-recording) – 5:49
"Rock'n'Roll Angel" – 4:46
"Burn Your Flame" – 2:42
"World Gone Mad" – 4:20
"I Walk Alone" (Tarja Turunen cover) – 4:28

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