Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Zakk Wylde @ Sweelee Katong Singapore!






Zakk Wylde appeared at Sweelee Katong today yesterday, didn’t really know what this event is about but dropped by anyway…

Turns out Zakk only doodled on his guitar for about 20-30-mins seating down (which means i couldn’t see him the whole fxxking time!)

[Videos NOT taken by me]


There was Q&A for about 10-mins

(below is what i remember from the Q&A, all from memory, so may not be exactly what was exchanged between the crowd & Zakk)


Qn: Zakk, what makes you the Rock God that you are?

Zakk: Plastic-surgery, especially the penile-extension!


Qn: Hey Zakk when are you coming down to Singapore for a concert?

Zakk: We’re going back to the studio to record the new album around march, so after that we’re be touring, we’ll try to bring the band down next time…


Qn: Where are you going for drinks later? i own a pub!!

Zakk: *Laughs*


Qn: People say you sound like Ozzy, when you sing, what do you have to say to that? [SW: uber lame question, Zakk sounds nothing like Ozzy]

Zakk: I love Ozzy, his my favorite Singer… 


Qn: What’s your opinion of Gus G replacing you as Ozzy’s guitarist?

Zakk: Yeah, i think Gus G is a great guitarist..


Qn: Who would be your dream 2nd guitarist?

Zakk: i've been lucky to play with Lynyrd skynyrd and the Allman brothers, i’m pretty happy with the band i’m playing with now…


There were more questions but i can’t remember the rest :P


After that was the autograph session:

Where everyone got this card…


I bought this epiphone strap earlier, he autographed it as well!


It was a very brief affair, ended in about 1-hour (or maybe less)…..at least for me cause i was at the front of the queue for autographs :D

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