Sunday, February 22, 2009

Is this the end?


Well that’s it.

All 32 pedals in my GAS history.


Zoom GFX-8 / Digitech RP300 / Zoom Fire 7010 / Zoom PS04


Marshall Jackhammer / ProCo Rat2 / Tech21 GT2 / Radial Tonebone classic / Radial Tonebone Trimode


Boss SD1 / Ibanez TS9DX / Behringer MIC200 / Zoom PD-01 / Fulltone FD-2


EH Big Muff Pi NYC / EH Lil’ Big Muff / Skreddy Top Fuel


Boss BF2 / Boss DD6


JD Crybaby 535Chrome / JD Crybaby 535Q (x2) / Morley Tremonti / Morley Bad Horsie II

Noise Gate/Volume/Tuner/EQ/Compresser:

Boss NS2 / ISP Decimator / Boss FVL50 / Boss TU12 / Ibanez LU20 / MXR 6-band EQ / Yamaha NE1 / Analogman CompRossor


Only 7 survived:


Current Rig 2009, clockwise from left:

Boss DD6 / Fulltone FD2(mosfet) / Ibanez LU20 / Morley Tremonti Wah / Skreddy Top Fuel / Analogman CompRossor / Tech21 Sansamp GT2


I haven’t bought a new pedal in months and don’t really have the desire to try something new for awhile, is this the end of GAS for me?

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