Saturday, January 24, 2009

SINgapore Si Bei Rock'n'Roll

Came across this post by Soft-forums member AgingYouth, this will be a treat for you if you enjoy & support local music :)

Singapore Si Bei Rock'n'Roll: The Best of Singapore Underground Music 88 - 08 Vol. 1

1. The Padres - Radio Station

2. Stoned Revivals - Goodil

3. The Observatory - Sea Of Doubt

4. The Pagans - Blank Chord

5. The Oddfellows - So Happy

6. Sugarflies - What About?

7. Gentlyfall - Drowning In A Cesspool of Love

8. Livonia - Vengeance Is Mine

9. Seberynic - Violet Eyeliner

10. Force Vomit - Siti

11. Boredphucks - Ai Sio Kan Mai

12. I Am David Sparkle - The Way Of The Universe

13. Stompin' Ground - Divided We Fall

14. Lizard's Convention - Pleasant Song

15. Concave Scream - Caged

16. Humpback Oak - Ghostfather

17. Naked - Don't Cry

18. Opposition Party - Impending Death

19. Sideshow Judy - Spaceship Dog

20. Stroll - Before Sunrise

All songs are copyright of the original composers. This compilation is made without the intention for profit. Majulah Singapura!



Chee Kaur said...

i almost burst into tears when i found these long lost songs.... thanks for the treat :)

MusicLover said...

will it be possible for you to put a 320kbps version of Naked's Don't cry song here ?

The album is not available for purchase anymore, and a higher bitrate will be good rather than 160kpbs version.

t h a n k.