Thursday, October 30, 2008

Which famous guitarist are you?

Took this Guitarist Quiz today.....

amazingly my answer is Jimi Hendrix, i'm the first to admit i am nothing like Hendrix, i cant play the blues (even if my life depended on it), not black & do not have sexy curly hair or moustache :P

I'm just happy i didn't get Tom!

Take the Quiz yourself!

Which famous guitarist are you?
Your Result: Jimi Hendrix

You are all about jamming and just making music. You are born for making music. When you make music, you like to be with people you know well so you have a feel for them. You are in the spotlight all the time. Cut your hair, hippie!

David Gilmour
Synyster Gates
Tom Delonge
Adam Jones
Dimebag Darrell
Jimmy Page
Which famous guitarist are you?
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