Saturday, September 27, 2008

Effect Pedals - #9 - Boss Noise Suppressor [NS-2]

After gettin' all those dirt pedals, my signal was gettin' really noisy (especially after addin' the Big Muff Pi)

so i went out & got myself my 9th pedal, the Boss kill the noise

i highly recommend this pedal for anyone who uses more than 2 dirt pedals, although it colors your tone, it suppresses noise very well..and its cheap

i've had other more expensive noise gate, they do not color your tone as much as the NS-2, BUT they dont work for more than 1-2 dirt pedals...

For example, if you've only got 1 noisy pedal in your chain the ISP decimator will work VERY well....BUT throwin' in a couple more noiser pedals will render the ISP pretty useless

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