Saturday, July 5, 2008


Learn guitar the fun way with Mr. FastFingers!

Guitar Shred Show” is an entertaining and educational Internet site for guitar players, musicians and casual music fans. The basic idea for the programme was to combine educational guitar lessons with fictional, animated cartoon characters and environments. In traditional instructional videos well known musicians sit down to share playing tips and teach techniques on the instrument. With interactive media, this kind of educating can be taken to new levels.

The Magic Carpet Tour
Is a combination of interactive guitar lesson and game. Fastfinger is challenged to reveal the mysteries of musical modes. Flying with a Magic Carpet, Fastfinger travels through seven locations and learns each mode of the major scale one by one. In the finale of the game, Fastfinger meets the mysterious guru, who sent him on this journey. Again the user has the chance to study and jam with Fastfinger. Each game level has a special landing spot, a mandala, where user can stop and practice in peace.

The Mountain of the Tapping dwarves
Is based on two modes: the actual in-class lesson and the musical jam. The teacher, Mr. Fastfinger acts like a puppet or a game character, which plays the guitar as you push the keyboard keys, real-time. If you play the guitar, you can take your own instrument and try the licks yourself, by reading the notated guitar tablatures. In addition to learning, you get to see amazing choreographies.

After a hard lesson, you can move on to jam mode. This mode is a short, interactive story, where you bump into a musical battle. During the jam the user can hear and test out how the lesson’s licks and techniques work with actual musical background. As if you were playing live in front of an audience!

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